"The installation is based on a series of drawings of human skulls done over the last two years.  They are images of skulls from various geographical locations, historical periods and cultures. Some of the cultures are considered to be "extinct" cultures. 
None of the bones represent "named" individuals. What is known of the people is known only through their remains. Some are so completely 
separated from their original context that the skull is the only thing left on earth that speaks of that person's  existence.

The installation is not made to comment on atrocities or mass killings. Neither is it meant to picture what restoration or [atonement] might look like. It is primarily meant to suggest the human need, demand, for hope and justice that is universal and extends to all people of all times. It is meant to suggest the individuality and reality of people long dead and our relationship to them; that their skulls do not merely represent death."
- Jill Scipione

Jill Scipione Installation of skull drawings at The Beacon, Jersey City Art Fair 2010